id really like to write a book about footwork,since i hear that no other gyms train it,though i know i aint got good grammar. I dont understand why no one would teach footwork,it is sooo underestimated.”if you cant move your feet then you simply cant move”!! -PM- Footwork needs to be natural,balanced,just about shoulder widthContinue reading “MY WAY OF FOOTWORK.”


The way i see things through my eyes are in a very philosophical way and i live my life the same way,i tend to ask myself questions about the question i want to ask,i like to look into deep detail in everything to get a better understanding,i like to experience it rather than having someoneContinue reading “THE WAY I SEE THINGS THROUGH MY EYES.”


Here is another core secret of mine i am showing.It is another thing i relentlessy work on.I upgraded to this from the ab wheel and found this much more challenging and an awsome core strengthener.I do warn you that this is not for those who have weak core as it puts extreme strain on your back and shoulders and can cause serious injury if not done correctly.As you are suspended of the ground while on a pulley system which requires maximum effort to stabilize and use your whole core.Looks easy right?? I still havent seen anyone in the gym who is able to do this!!If you think you have a strong core come and try one of my core workouts and see if you can outlast me,and IF you can i will give you 3 MONTHS FREE TRAINING!!! This is just an example though and i usually do 3min rounds with 15 or 30 sec intervals and changing to different exercises on each change. I am still yet to master a full crucifix…but I WILL!


its scary and sad to think about what the next generation of martial artists will be like? People watch the UFC and think that its cool to choke People out,not knowing the seriousness of the technique. To the uneducated mind in martial arts,especially Brazilian jiu jitsu it takes years of practice to know the correct application and the feel of the technique,these days people dont even know what MMA or BJJ means!!That is why i do not accept people that come to me and say” I wanna learn how to choke people out” and when given the question “WHY??” they dont have an answer apart from”cos its sick!”. I have choked many people out especially in a real life sitiuation cos of the industry i work in and also cos of the physical threat i am under in a confrontation,But i am in full control and know exactly how much pressure i am using and when the person is out cold. Many people want to learn martial arts for the wrong reasons…cos they watch the UFC now.To me martial arts goes deep into my soul and i never learnt it to just choke people out,it is an art form which requires a life long commitment and even further goes into spirituality.Even now i still highly respect the bow which is fading away,to me a bow isnt forced it naturally given out honest and true respect to your coach,instructor or as a matter of fact to anyone you have deep respect for.So if your thinking about starting BJJ or any martial art,ask yourself “WHY”.


If i could go back and start training all over again i would in a blink of an eye,and i wouldn’t change a thing. I am very  grateful for what i got taught and learnt, and would gladly put myself through all the torture again,even though there were things i hated like my dad makingContinue reading “TURN BACK TIME”

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