its scary and sad to think about what the next generation of martial artists will be like? People watch the UFC and think that its cool to choke People out,not knowing the seriousness of the technique. To the uneducated mind in martial arts,especially Brazilian jiu jitsu it takes years of practice to know the correct application and the feel of the technique,these days people dont even know what MMA or BJJ means!!That is why i do not accept people that come to me and say” I wanna learn how to choke people out” and when given the question “WHY??” they dont have an answer apart from”cos its sick!”. I have choked many people out especially in a real life sitiuation cos of the industry i work in and also cos of the physical threat i am under in a confrontation,But i am in full control and know exactly how much pressure i am using and when the person is out cold. Many people want to learn martial arts for the wrong reasons…cos they watch the UFC now.To me martial arts goes deep into my soul and i never learnt it to just choke people out,it is an art form which requires a life long commitment and even further goes into spirituality.Even now i still highly respect the bow which is fading away,to me a bow isnt forced it naturally given out honest and true respect to your coach,instructor or as a matter of fact to anyone you have deep respect for.So if your thinking about starting BJJ or any martial art,ask yourself “WHY”.

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