I’ve always looked at martial arts as a self defence,never a sport! My view on brazilian jiu jitsu has changed over the last couple of years in regards to competition jiu jiutsu vs self defence jiu jitsu,to me there is a big difference between controlling a person and stalling,which seems to be the case nowadays regarding points etc..It has started to turn me away from competition,believing that it limits real jiu jitsu due to the points system and restrictions…while i don’t disagree with competing or take nothing away from competitors and have competed many times myself,it is a good test to grapple under pressure and see where your at a competition level.
I see alot of people stalling and just holding while on top with points to win the fight,while i know that’s how the game works….but that’s how i see it a game and not reality so to speak. I would never consider myself a winner if i won on points,i would only consider a win if it was a finish.When i grapple now i defend as if someone is punching me,im cautious of strikes while i roll,i always consider biting,hair pulling and eye gouging,i think to myself i would be trying de la riva while someone is trying to stomp on my head as it would happen in reality,or someone biting or putting their thumb deep in your eye while your just trying to stall and just hold them,i have always been a dynamic and explosive grappler and never just held someone i am a constant mover and risked positions to gain a submission or a more dominant position,i always try to finish with a submission…that’s the aim isnt it? By saying that i think your game improves by constant moving and risking positions!! I just tend to now think what if it was on the street.But i guess everyone does it for different reasons.


It doesn’t matter how talented a person is,it’s those who are always trying and working hard to achieve their goals,who’s mind set is focused on what they want to achieve,It is not only for training but have the mind set in every aspect of your life…If you want something bad enough you must be willing to sacrifice a shit load of things,things like losing sleep,money,relationships,not going out,working while everyone else is partying,going away etc..sometimes you have to accept a bit less then you deserve,but one thing is for sure..Is you can’t give up,you must have the will and drive to want it bad enough.
I have heard many people say they want to / or will start this and that,but have never seen it,i believe things when i see them,even better..when i do them myself! I have always tried to be a motivator in some way or at least try to inspire people that they can do anything they want as long as they put it hard work,and be consistent with “i can do”attitude. If you don’t risk anything,you don’t gain anything, Nothing worth gaining should be easy…Never!!


When you want something real bad or want to learn something real nothing compensates for HARD WORK and WORK ETHIC,Im a big believer in what you put in is what you get out. I say this to everyone at my gym,if you train slowly or take it easy,take your time to grab a drink,adjust your gi ,shadow box with no effort…thats how you will become!! when i shadow box with weights,skip,hit the bag,wrestle etc…i do so with intensity and i do not waste time when the bell goes,i get straight into it. So here’s some small advice from me when you train and want to achieve a result you must put in HARD one else can give it to you,it’s up to the individual and as the saying goes PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT and can’t be said any better then that.


Here’s MMA with a difference,Paul vunak is a no bullshit martial artist,i really like his WAY cos it’s how i see and train my martial arts….for REALITY!! Like he says in the clip when you know what you are capable of doing and how violent you can be,it gives you so much confidence that it humbles you inside.
Someone who is a real martial artists doesn’t walk around with an ego and brags about being a fighter etc..”we walk around quietly,but carry a big stick!! Walk around peacefully and defend when i have to.There are alot of different perceptions of martial arts now,You either train Martial sports or Martial arts….I train Martial arts.

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All martial arts are limited by rules which gives the practitioners a false sense of security.Out on the street if you have to fight for your life there are NO referees and NO rules apply.A street fight is not what you want it to be or expect it to be…it just is!


There are many people now that think martial arts is all just about hitting and fighting,these kind of people ruin the real meaning of martial arts.When people say or hear the word martial arts they automatically think of the UFC or MMA and forget that it is truly an art to understand any style,it is about being in tune with your body and how it works,spirituality,finding yourself through training.It is easy to learn how to hit someone..anyone can hit another person,but people lack the understanding of the art involved,Personally i think a real martial artist doesnt need to fight (unless in competition),when provoked or in a real life self defence situation is able to unleash,and another point is martial was never originally invented for sports,even though i have competed many times and am over all the points and rules system now,i think martial arts is taking a big turn now and pulling away from its original intentions(self defence)!!!

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