People who train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any other physical contact martial arts knows about being aware in combat or even sparring. We must be aware of our bodies and positions while sparring,fighting or competing, I use awareness in my everyday life it has become apart of me,when i work security,train or even just walking through a shopping centre,which brings me to injuries in training,when we grapple we become aware of what we are doing and also what the opponent is doing,therefore we must be aware of our own body positions while training or fighting,and also common sense!!
In this video you will see the position the opponent gets into and how severe the injury is….to me it is common sense to have open his guard and let go,but the other guy just did his escape as you would. This is an example of being aware of the the positions you put yourself and when to let go or suffer the consequence!
Also to add to this just shows the severity of BJJ and how a mistake can end your career, Train smart,be aware and have common sense. around for the long run


I don’t see the point in doing something casually (i.e Training.) there is no point!! A good boxer doesn’t punch casually,a good wrestler doesn’t grapple casually,a body builder doesn’t lift weights casually and so on…especially when your on your own and no one is watching,no one to try and impress but yourself.If you want toContinue reading “CASUAL VS COMMITMENT”


This is an interesting short doco about the history of martial arts,and especially about jiu jitsu and judo,how and why it was developed. As clearly stated martial arts was eventually trained and taught to make better people added to the self defence aspect. You can see how much it has evolved in the present time compared to then,as most of the styles names ended with the “ART”. I think these days the word art is losing its value in “martial art” it has become more sport orientated and attracting aggresive, egotistics punks that don’t see any of it as an art,only about fighting, A sport,a hobby etc…and not a “way of life” or to better yourself and help others.
I see more to boxing then knowing how to fight,to me it is an art form…how to move the body,developing power,speed,body mechanics,timing,gracefulness,balance,weight transfer,reaction,reflex,defending,discipline mentally and physically. It’s more than just punching,same goes with any other styles. People are quick to jump in and say “I wanna fight” but don’t want to learn the “ART”. That is why i respect all the ancient masters who developed the martial arts,regardless of their style being effective or ineffective,that is a personal preference,but one thing we must remember is they commited their lives to their art to better us as human beings and help others by giving back…That is why we still have martial arts today.


Here’s a perfect description of the difference between street vs sport jiu jitsu explained by Ryron and Rener Gracie regarding how much different the two versions are,and by saying that how many schools actually teach a street defence version???
I know i have gone on about this for a while,but i will continue to put it out there as i feel strongly for my point of view and don’t want any of my students or people i train with to have a false sense of security,even though i know jiu jitsu is the most effective self defence in the world!

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