Effort is a word that gets thrown around alot,but i don’t see it getting used much. To me effort means challenging your effort over and over,pushing yourself more then the last time.Effort requires hard work and lots of it, Effort is the time when you say to yourself i’m done but you make yourself push … Continue reading


Too many people rely on others for results.People expect a coach,instructor or personal trainer to automatically give them results.YES,They have the tools to show you and guide you the way,but in the end it’s up to the individual to put in the work. I have had people ask me “I need to lose weight,what’s the … Continue reading


In BJJ, there is a cycle of phases we go through. As a white belt we go hammer and tong and use all our strength and muscles when we roll,holding on and squeezing as hard as we can and find that we are totally exhausted after 30 secs of it,we only think about getting a … Continue reading


In life we go through times of happiness,sadness,frustration,success,failure and many other types of emotions,we go through life searching for something that cleanses and nourishes our soul,whether it’s a relationship,a job, a sport etc.. Sometimes we find it earlier in life and sometimes later in life,and unfortunately sometimes people don’t at all. I do believe that … Continue reading

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