People who train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any other physical contact martial arts knows about being aware in combat or even sparring. We must be aware of our bodies and positions while sparring,fighting or competing, I use awareness in my everyday life it has become apart of me,when i work security,train or even just walking through a shopping centre,which brings me to injuries in training,something i know a whole lot about having a history of records past my head. When we grapple we become aware of what we are doing and also what the opponent is doing,therefore we must be aware of our own body positions while training or fighting,and also common sense!!
In this video you will see the position the opponent gets into and how severe the injury is….to me it is common sense to have opened his guard and let go,but the other guy just did his escape as you would. This is an example of being aware of the  positions you put yourself into and when to let go or suffer the consequence!
Also to add to this just shows the severity of BJJ and how a mistake can end your career, Train smart,be aware and have common sense to be around for the long run.


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