Welcome to Mitrevski Martial Arts, where we’re working hard to assemble certainty and confidence in each one of you. Martial Arts training offers you an exceptional chance to build your body, brain, and soul and we’re glad to bring that on a consistent schedule. Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning or you’ve been training for quite a long time, we have got a class for you here. From practical self-protection to heart pumping work out exercises, we genuinely have something for everyone. Martial Arts training is about something other than the kicks and punches, it emphasizes breath to fuel energy and development. It’s simply about becoming a balanced human being. When you join Mitrevski Martial Arts you will most certainly understand that training in Martial Arts is the initial step on an adventure that can provide a lifetime of pleasure, difficulties, and self-growth.

Mitrevski Martial Arts is a completely facilitated gym center with a professional multi-density wrestling mat, an MMA cage panel with both Wrestling/BJJ area and MMA area having completely padded walls, also a boxing zone with a ring and completely equipped with strength and conditioning equipment including weights, Battling Ropes, Olympic Rings, Power Rack, Kettlebells, and so much more. We are exceptionally competitive and we compete in numerous competitions with extraordinary achievement and results, everyone who trains at Mitrevski Martial Arts will naturally feel great. We resemble one major family, and we are known for our way of life, our humbleness, devotion, and respect in and out of the club.



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