When you step into Mitrevski Martial Arts you will feel the aura of the gym and the people that train there. We dedicate our time to all students in teaching them and helping everyone express themselves through martial arts.  We offer classes for everyone, from adults, ladies, teens and kids. We have highly skilled and experienced coaches not only in martial arts, but in helping with self development, confidence and discipline.

We are known for our no bullshit teaching and training methods, methods that really work and are proven and tested, whether its for self defence, competition, strength and conditioning , confidence or fitness… we have it all! It is a fully facilitated gym with a professional multi density wrestling mat ,an mma cage panel  with both wrestling/bjj area and mma area having fully padded walls, also a boxing area with a  ring and fully equipped with strength and conditioning equipment including weights, battling ropes, Olympic rings, power rack, kettlebells, resistance bands and much more.

We are highly competitive and compete in many competitions with great success and results, everybody who trains at mitrevski martial arts will automatically feel comfortable, welcomed and befriended, as you will note the sign on  entry “leave your ego at the door , it is not welcome”.

All the coaches and some senior students including myself  teach our martial arts and methods from high experience, whether its competition or reality….especially reality!! We are traditionally based on reality self defence with most of us working in the security industry we know what works and what doesn’t , and have put practice to reality many times. We have many members who have different backgrounds in martial arts who are always happy to help out others and share their knowledge. We are like one big family, we are known for our culture, our humbleness ,loyalty and respect in and out the club.

If your looking for a one stop shop with serious martial artists then come and speak to us.

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