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kali - Arnis - Fma melbourne

This is what they call Carenza in Filipino martial arts. (Kali/Arnis). It’s another form of shadow boxing, or Kata if you like. I don’t get caught up in the names. To me, it all means one thing…Self-practice! Carenza is used for solo training in Kali/Arnis and requires self-discipline, visualization, and creation. I am using real … Continue reading


women's self defense

Our 4-week women’s only BJJ program kicked off 16th April and runs every Tuesday 6 – 7 pm. This 4-week Self-defense program focuses on teaching women how to conserve their energy while forcing the attacker to use up all of theirs in the process, develop reflexes that will enable them to react instinctually and defend … Continue reading


Registration is now open for the Women’s Self Defense Intro Program. Starting 16th April. A 4-week intro to Women’s only Gracie Jiu-jitsu class.  Join our classes by following the link. This exclusive offer for $100 women’s only class is scheduled to hold every Tuesday starting 16th April 2019 by 7-8pm. The first class is targeted … Continue reading

First Jiu Jitsu comp of the year for Jack with great results

Great effort and congratulations to Jack today. Gold in Gi division and Bronze in No gi. First comp for the year. Big year for improvements this year.

Jack receiving his yellow/black belt from Master Pedro sauer

Check out the video in the link below


After some long and hard thoughts and many, many years of sacrifice, Mitrevski Martial Arts is going full time. This will be the new timetable with day time and added evening classes available *Effective 8th November 2018 *Day classes and times may adjust in future AVAILABILITIES: ✔Family discounts ✔Private classes ✔Group classes ✔Sport teams ✔Law … Continue reading

Jack wins once again, taking out his division via submission in all his bouts. Congratulations on the well deserved win.

Hex agility grid footwork drills

Congratulations to Patrick on receiving his yellow/white belt tonight.

Jack wins once again, all bouts via armbar and gets best male competitor of the day.

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