What Makes Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy Different From Others?

  • Rather than just self-defense, we focus on the personal development and philosophy aspect of martial arts.

  • All our instructors are qualified and licensed for martial arts training.

  • Our core values are Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, and Self-Control.

Imagine yourself or your child as a strong and confident leader. This is your chance to try our martial arts programs to keep you and your family ready for the real world physical challenge.

We offer a range of exclusive classes. We have ensured our availability for everyone by offering a wide range of martial arts and physical training classes.

  • Brazilian jiu jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Wrestling
  • Filipino martial arts (kali/arnis)
  • Private lessons

Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy believes in achieving overall well being with martial arts. We are successfully inducing self-discipline, building confidence and higher self-esteem, and helping you become a better performing individual in every walk of life.



Don’t put it on another day because it is always too early to wait, and too late to act. Get yourself and your kids enrolled in one of our programs and experience the results for yourself – You Will Love It – PROMISE!

Sign up for your FREE trial to book in for a session in a class of your choice. We will get in contact with you to oragnize the best time and class for you to attend. 

In the trial session you will get to:

Receive information on classes and options

Meet our qualified and experienced coaches

See how the classes are structured

Experience the friendly and fun atmosphere

Learn martial arts in a safe and friendly environment

Alternatively you can contact us directly via:

Email: mitrevskimartialarts@gmail.com
or call us on 0404 153 226 to book in a trial.

"Amazing gym for learning the essentials of self defense. Great facilities and equipment. Great atmosphere with friendly welcoming coaching staff and students. If you are thinking about getting into any type of martial arts I recommend speaking with Paul."
Stephen calder
"I have been attending Mitrevski Martial Arts for a number of years now (5 or 6) studying under a few different masters for Filipino Martial Arts. I have found Mitrevski Martial Arts to be consistently reliable for the training, dependable in what they teach (be it boxing, jiu jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, fitness, etc). and have something to offer for most people who want training. Best of all, the owner Paul has a sound philosophy for martial arts, and has something to teach for everybody who is willing to learn. His gym is well equipped for all activities that are conducted there, and it has improved through the years. I highly recommend it."
Francis elafano
"Absolutely a great place to start and learn any martial arts. Paul has such a great understanding in all fields, he is truly an inspiration with the effort he puts to all his students in every class and he does the one thing that not many other gyms do and which is the most important..He leads by example. Honestly the best place to train, wouldn't go anywhere else."
Brenden ralevski
"Paul Mitrevski is a true martial artist. He has decades worth of obsessive training and coaching across several arts (Western boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Wrestling and Kali. This breadth of experience and his ability to see the underlying principles that apply across the various martial arts makes him unique. The best comparison I can think of is Erik Paulson of CSW fame. Paul practises and teaches technique, discipline and respect first and foremost. In addition to the adult classes,he also runs thriving kids programs in the various arts. He may be old school but he is brilliant with kids! Mitrevski martial arts academy comes with my highest recommendation."
Ron grounds

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