Have you set your goals for 2020…once again!
I don’t believe in goals, I believe in ‘ACTION’
You might be motivated for a couple of weeks and go back to your usual self and start making those same excuses again and tell yourself the lies you like to hear, just because it makes it comfortable, convenient and easy for you.


The most consistent result about goals is the fear of hard work and persistent drive.
Regardless of your motivation and inspiration at first, that dies out and what you’re left with is the raw truth about yourself.
Are you willing to pursue the raw truth about yourself?

🤔 Are you now willing to keep going once you have found out it requires your full commitment?

🤔 Are you now willing to sacrifice all those leasure things that made you comfortable?

🤔 Are you now willing to give up your time that was so convenient to you?

🤔 Are you now willing to do the things you don’t want to do that you promised yourself you would do when you were so motivated and inspired?

🤔 Are you now willing to cut out your bullshit and take ACTION

✅ It’s all on YOU
✅ It’s your TRUTH
✅ It’s your LIFE
✅ It’s your ACTION


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