I don’t see the point in doing something casually (i.e Training.) there is no point!! A good boxer doesn’t punch casually,a good wrestler doesn’t grapple casually,a body builder doesn’t lift weights casually and so on…especially when your on your own and no one is watching,no one to try and impress but yourself.If you want to achieve your result in whatever field it is. To me casual means,whenever it suits you,not keen,slack,laziness,not wanting to excel,no commitment. You will not achieve your result by doing it casually,You must commit yourself.Everyone has other commitments eg family,work etc..But if you are really passionate and want something you will make time period!!
Commitment is what turns your word into reality,it is making time when there is none,sacrificing,continuing to do so on a daily basis,day in and day out,time after time,fail after fail and even when you have achieved your goal you still continue doing it regardless.You wont get very far if you only do (things/train) on the days that you feel good,you shouldn’t stop when your stop when your done! Just because you cant achieve it today doesn’t mean you can’t achieve another day..perseverance,commitment,sacrifice and making a lifestyle will get you there.

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