We all have an intention when we want to do something,a result we want out of it,or do it for a certain purpose or with a certain purpose,Now whether those reasons are good or bad only the individual will truly know deep…You can have a person who chooses to ride a bike to work,he could be all geared up aswell with riding gear..To the public eye they will think they are a cyclist but THEIR true intention is purely to save costs on fuel,you can have a person who buys the top of the range running shoes but his intention is just to look good or to impress others not for actually running,you can even have education vary on what you pay,so the more you pay the better education you receive,so technically your education is not the intention its the how much money you pay,same goes with certain buisnesses who set out in their specific field and their purpose and intentions are just to make money and nothing else.

I know  of some people who have gyms who do it for purely the LOVE of it,and even lose money without any care because their  true intentions are to help and teach,that gives them pure satisfaction my old boxing gym being one of them.When people train a certain martial art,what is their intentions,when people train mma is it just to say they train mma or do they really want to learn?,same goes with any other disciplines boxing,bjj,muay thai i have seen so many people over the years come and go…people who have told me they have trained for years and when tested thinking to myself”what a waste of those years” people going from one gym to another thinking they will find an answer, when the answer is within yourself,its within your intentions and what you truely want out of it,or for what purpose your are doing it for, the commitment and focus you will put in.Every person truely knows their intentions deep inside even if you tell people otherwise.



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