It’s amazing how as babies we are born with the natural gift of developing body movement,we underestimate the abilty,motor skills, and learning curve they have as babies.Babies are born with a rounded spine yet they develop strength to achieve a PERFECT posture,If you watch a baby pick something up from the ground they will never bend their back,they will always squat down with perfect posture to pick it up,and they will always learn to squat before they stand.

As  adults I think we become lazy and neglect our ability to maintain what we are gifted with,some even pay big $$$ to personal trainers teach them how to have perfect posture.I get intrigued by watching babies moves and how they work things out and as adults we could not keep up with a babies movements.We can learn so much just from watching a babies movements and its funny that we all train to re develop these movements in training. I relate alot of their movements to my jiu jitsu and weight training,their squats and posture,their flexibility ,the way they get up,the way they get sit up,the way turn from their belly to their knees,their ability to adapt and work things out…we can learn alot from babies about our body movements they are like our own personal trainers and they can teach us how to get into good shape just by watching their movements and amazing ability to learn,like a sponge!

Next time your around a baby just observe how they move and their posture,and adapt it to your training.Try and keep up with their movements and posture!! Who said we can’t learn from babies,they are the secret to body movement.



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