Our committed staff has structured a Martial Arts educational modules concentrated on self-preservation, physical wellness and showing essential fundamental abilities for kids. We need to form every tyke into a sure, engaged, and restrained young fellow or lady. They will gain proficiency with the specialty training from Mitrevski martial arts and will know the essentials of self-defense that they can convey with them for eternity. Our Kids Martial Arts classes will help increment your child’s consciousness of their environment and certainty that will endure forever. They will figure out how to connect with one another and the educators while likewise enhancing their balance, agility and overall physical fitness. Our Kids classes are fun, useful and keep your child working passionately hard. When they begin, they will never need to leave!

Advantages Of Martial Arts in kids include:

-Increased Focus and Concentration.

-Powerful Self-Defense and Bully Prevention.

-Enhanced Goal Setting.

-Enhanced Confidence and Self Esteem.

-Character Development.

-Improved Levels Of Respect and Academic Performance.


Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

At Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, we operate a standard martial art curriculum with proven physical and psychological benefits for young children and teenagers.


Why you should consider enrolling your child into a martial art class.

Self-defense: In a world like ours today, where violence and child molestation has become the order of the day, training your child in martial arts for self-defense, can be very vital for the safety of your child.

Discipline: Learning martial arts requires a lot of discipline. As a child to control simple behaviors like what and when to eat, they are also learning self-discipline, which will be very valuable in later life.

The value of teamwork: Our classes are designed to incorporate and teach kids the value of teamwork. Kids learn to work in pairs and help each other master new skills faster and better.

To set goals: Through practicing martial arts, kids learn the importance of settings goals and accomplishing them. This positive attitude will be translated into their later life.


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