Although most parents get scared when it comes to enrolling their kids into boxing classes, boxing can be very instrumental in the development of a child. Our Kid’s boxing is a controlled sport one your child can learn a lot from. At Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, we give your child the best training in boxing by integrating core strengthening exercises, body toning exercises, footwork and balance training, among others, into the training routine. All classes are done under close supervision by experts with extensive experience in boxing. So as a parent, you do not need to worry about the safety of your child during our boxing class.


Learning kickboxing at a young age comes with numerous benefits which do not end in the gym. It develops core strength, balance, body coordination and also improves cardiovascular health/fitness. While it can be very interesting to watch your kid grow stronger and tougher through kickboxing, you should take into consideration the safety of your child before enrolling them into a kickboxing class. At Mitrevski Martial Art Academy, skilled instructors with professional experience are provided for you to protect your child from harm while giving them the best training in kickboxing in fun and interesting ways. Practicing kickboxing will teach your child discipline, self-control will power and perseverance. Accomplishing tasks and mastering skills will also help boost your kid’s self-esteem. What’s more? Kickboxing provides an understanding of self-defense techniques which will be useful in life.

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