THURSDAY 6:30-7:30 PM

The ladies class consists of a variety of exercises. Tuesdays focus on the upper body and Thursdays focus on the lower body. Classes are always different which includes Boxing for the upper body and kickboxing for the lower body, also added are tabata interval circuits, My famous ab routine which is a killer ab workout ; strength and conditioning ; mobility ; agility ; resistance training, all with the proper guidance to make sure the technique is done right while performing exercises.
The core is a very big part of any training , so there is also alot of focus on core strengthening. At the same time exercises are added for self defense purposes and it’s use is explained. The ability to move your body naturally is important with any exercise. On top of that i am there to motivate and guide you with a positive push when the workouts get tough.

* Ladies are more than welcome to train in every other class.

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