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In Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, Professional Martial Arts Training & Martial Arts, We train people to discover their talents so that they can perform perfectly in area of their specialization.
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Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy Martial Arts will give you quality of life. It isn’t just kicks and punches. It’s a LIFE SKILL LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR JOURNEY
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Home for Self Defense and DJJ.
We train in multiple styles at an early stage and understood that to be a complete martial artist, you needed to know different aspects of combat.Extensive knowledge of different styles and combining them together – Specialty in self defense and applying techniques from different arts into self defense.
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Let’s face it. Looking up martial art reviews and deciding on a training regimen can be a nightmare. That’s why we are providing this resource for you.

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If you're not sure, Attend all our classes for a week before making commitment.. The fee for our 1-week trial is $30.

Martial Arts its not just a kick and Punches, it's a LIFE SKILLS. Hurry & Sign up below to join defense and applying techniques from different arts into self defense.

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Most people don't know what they are after. So, we offer them a One Week free trial classes to try a chosen discipline. They opt-in to try out all the programs for One week for a fee of $30.

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Welcome to Mitrevski Martial Arts Self defense academy. We are a completely facilitated Self Defense center which offers a variety of specific martial art disciplines for everyone. In particular, we offer styles such as BJJ, MMA, Boxing, and Wrestling. Book a Free Trial Martial Arts Now

Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, Professional Martial Arts Training & Martial Arts Classes


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Partaking in martial arts is a great way to boost many facets of your health, helping to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. … Martial arts help to boost self-confidence, increases awareness of eating healthy, improves mental focus, teaches good morals and improves your overall athleticism.


What People Say About Us

Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, Professional Martial Arts is more family oriented and not just about fighting  and they also promote martial arts with philosophy  rather than just hitting people.
Britteny Simmons

The Fee for our 1-week trial is $30.

At your trial class we will provide you with all membership options and discuss any question you may have. Together we will work towards finding what option suits you best.

Best place to train martial arts! Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy have an awesome instructors and detailed in their teachings. Students and staff are very friendly. Made me feel part of the family from day one. And the place is very very clean. That's an A+!!!​
Eli P.


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