• Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contains elements of BJJ (and other grappling systems such as wrestling and Judo), plus striking and kicking (usually from a variety of sources, including combative systems like Boxing and Muay Thai). What “MMA” is made up of changes all the time, and its’ definition can and does change based on the Individual fighters, and what seems to be working in order to win matches.
  • “MMA” is just a general term for “Mixed Martial Arts” and grew popular out of a specific competition form…Mostly popularized by "PRIDE FC" and the “UFC” back in the early 90s.
Mixed Martial Arts Melbourne
  • "MMA" is mixed martial arts. Mixed is the key word that makes the difference. "MMA" fighters may use elements such as BJJ as part of their game but they can also use any other art or style of fighting that works for them. BJJ is a particular style with a focus on grappling with throws, locks, and body control to subdue an opponent with minimal to no striking. Typically, for any MMA fighter, they need to know a standup striking art like Boxing, Muay Thai, etc. and some form of grappling like BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, etc.

At Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, we offer quality training in Combat Jiu Jitsu with a training method that is clear and well-structured. Combat Jiu-Jitsu differs from BJJ, because rather than teaching you how to score points against an opponent in a competition, it equips people on how to defend themselves in real life situations. Combat Jiu-Jitsu is a little more intense than BJJ as the sparring includes striking and weapons also. This class is designed for those who have basic knowledge of the fundamentals in BJJ and striking. Our combat Jiu jitsu class is focused on the self defense applications rather than the sport of “MMA” but not limited to the Self Defense. We can guarantee that every person can master and execute the techniques perfectly.

Mixed Martial Arts Melbourne FOR SELF DEFENSE


Mitrevski martial arts’ academy is aimed at ensuring that everyone understands the value of self defense and in the process empowering themselves to be stronger, confident, less intimidated and worthy. Joining our martial arts academy comes with an exclusive offer for all beginners, A FREE trial offer  for those that register with us. Our program is structured to cover the most common attacks; this will ensure that in little time you have the idea on how to defend yourself from most of the common attacks. During the program we proceed to exposing you to the full curriculum.

Our classes are fun and conducted in a safe and engaging environment thus, enhancing faster simulations and learning. Also, classes are instructed by highly trained, experienced and qualified Instructors.


As part of our jiu-jitsu curriculum for self-defense, we offer a Combat jiu-jitsu class which involves added striking and weapons with grappling. It is a mixture of the combat aspects of Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu and weapons defense (knives, sticks, and bats)

We believe to be a well-rounded practitioner, you need to understand all areas of combat where we cover different defense concepts and combinations along with understanding how to put them together in live sparring drills. This class is designed for upskilling our jiu-jitsu members who attend the fundamentals jiu-jitsu class and part of our grading system.


Reasons to join our COMBAT JIU JITSU program

Protect yourself from attacks

Protect yourself from all common attacks

.Just like other forms of martial arts, MMA training is meant to help you learn to fight opponents. At times, these skills can come in handy to defend yourself. Just imagine that you are walking alone, one night, down a dark alley when you and your friends are confronted. What do you do? Fight! MMA teaches you moves like kicks, punches, blows, grappling, and much more. Using these skills, you can defeat your opponents both inside and out of the ring. Although you must use common sense while putting these skills to use, they could, in some cases, save you or others.

Appreciate your body


Just like so many other sports, MMA training improve flexibility. For participants approaching older ages, flexibility can be very important. In older age, more flexibility can mean you run a lower risk for things like pulled muscles, fractures, and issues with mobility. For younger participants, greater flexibility can help in your daily life. It can also help you, greatly, if you are engaged in another sort of activity or sport. MMA teaches both passive and active flexibility. Whereas grappling can help with passive flexibility, more active training, like that of high kicks, stretches, etc. can help you much more with active flexibility.

Flexiblity and fitness goal

Fitness goal

There are lots of fitness benefits to practicing MMA. Studies have shown that MMA training, unlike other types of exercise, works on your total body. We are not just talking muscles, either. You get a cardio and a strength training workout, all in one. Or, you can concentrate on one area more than others in order to tone and sculpt your body. Working out on a regular basis, in and of itself, offers plenty of benefits. But intense workouts like MMA training can offer you even more in the way of fitness benefits that can, over time, become good habits.

fun, Mixed Martial Arts


As you start easing yourself into the training, the fun begins, from the process of exploring your new skill to the anticipation of learning new skills. The initial stages are usually intense and intimidating, but having a good coach, and a good team will ease things out.

Empowerment and motivation

Empowerment and motivation

You start developing the will and strength to stand up against bullies and attackers. It brings you out of the weak spot and gives you insight to learn from fellow students and masters. MMA empowers you to be stronger and confident.



Going into the martial arts' academy, you will be opportune to meet other students who are there to improve or learn. In the process of training, you develop certain bonds together, trust and confidence is established, you become friends. This same bond and relationship can even happen with others outside of training.

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