I’ve always looked at martial arts as a self defence,never a sport! My view on brazilian jiu jitsu has changed over the last couple of years in regards to competition jiu jiutsu vs self defence jiu jitsu,to me there is a big difference between controlling a person and stalling,which seems to be the case nowadays regarding points etc..It has started to turn me away from competition,believing that it limits real jiu jitsu due to the points system and restrictions…while i don’t disagree with competing or take nothing away from competitors and have competed many times myself,it is a good test to grapple under pressure and see where your at a competition level.
I see alot of people stalling and just holding while on top with points to win the fight,while i know that’s how the game works….but that’s how i see it a game and not reality so to speak. I would never consider myself a winner if i won on points,i would only consider a win if it was a finish.When i grapple now i defend as if someone is punching me,im cautious of strikes while i roll,i always consider biting,hair pulling and eye gouging,i think to myself i would be trying de la riva while someone is trying to stomp on my head as it would happen in reality,or someone biting or putting their thumb deep in your eye while your just trying to stall and just hold them,i have always been a dynamic and explosive grappler and never just held someone i am a constant mover and risked positions to gain a submission or a more dominant position,i always try to finish with a submission…that’s the aim isnt it? By saying that i think your game improves by constant moving and risking positions!! I just tend to now think what if it was on the street.But i guess everyone does it for different reasons.

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