I love how many different types of names people invent for their ‘ STYLE ‘ of martial arts,all fancy names and then promote it to be some new breakthrough martial art when all they have added is BJJ,renaming techniques as their own when it has been around way before our time.
I personally don’t call myself any style,i train individual arts that i think are the most effective and most useful and then combine it to suite me,in live sparring or continuous drilling,sometimes in real life situations. Though i do train each art in it’s tradition but add and apply it the way it suites me not from a book or a step,but however it happens in the moment,and what kind of attack it is. Not all techniques work for everyone and you have to adapt to it as it happens without thinking,you just have to let yourself go with the flow. Not all bodies are the same,everyone reacts and acts differently,people will do unorthodox things that you are not trained for. I do not always follow the technique as it is said,i find a way that it works for me in the best way and natural,not forcing it or thinking about it,but just letting it happen. My technique is a result from yours and it continues. You can never train for a real life situation, yes you can train scenarios and pre empts but their is no breakthrough evolutional technique that can end an attack. Being aware is probably the most underestimated tool in martial arts,in the end i always tell people firstly just to be aware and start training yourself in everyday living just to notice what is happening around you as you go about your daily life. To me i think all these fancy names and renamed techniques is just a marketing tool and a way to fool people and in some cases,to rob people into a false sense of security thinking they are bullet proof.


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