id really like to write a book about footwork,since i hear that no other gyms train it,though i know i aint got good grammar. I dont understand why no one would teach footwork,it is sooo underestimated.”if you cant move your feet then you simply cant move”!! -PM- Footwork needs to be natural,balanced,just about shoulder width apart like the way you walk everyday,you dont walk side on,skipping is a very big part of footwork!!
Feet need to be on the balls to be explosive/spring loaded..ready yet relaxed and graceful. steps should be short and sharp…no long and dragging steps,power comes from the ground up so you need to push down with the balls of your feet and transfer through rotation,hips shoulder,hand…pretty much your whole body in a split second! once again body should be ready yet relaxed. Landing your front step heel/toe first delays your retraction,when ever anyone steps with their back foot first it always lands on the ball..never on the heel,same goes with the front foot.There is mostly contact with ground even though it might not seem,there is always a slight skim when fluently moving thats how small and low the steps/shuffle should be,like an explosive glide! When throwing power,feet will always/naturally point inwards,never outwards.. like your feet wanting to clamp the ground all in a split sec.Downward pressure from feet should be instantly/naturally released after contact/power has been delivered.There is much more to explain but this just a brief explanation of my way of footwork. -PM-


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