-Black belt under 8th degree coral belt Master Pedro sauer (October 2017)

– Brown Belt under Prof. Pedro Sauer/ Murat Karadenizli (November 2014)
– Trained in Zen Do Kai freestyle Karate (Bob Jones Corporation)
– Trained Boxing since year 2000 and competed under (Footscray Youth Club) Licensed Boxing coach Beau Gerring
– Trained Wrestling under Olympic, Commonwealth Games, brothers Ali Abdo and Bilal Abdo (Melbourne Wrestling Academy)
– Level 1 Filipino Martial Arts (Kali/Arnis) under the Maestro Francisco Angeles system (Estilong Paikot)
– Also trained in Muay Thai and Wing Chun
– Worked extensively in security industry
– Extensive knowledge of different styles and combining them together
– Specialty in self defense and applying techniques from different arts into self defense
– Owner of Mitrevski Martial arts. Head boxing and MMA Coach
– BJJ instructor
– HQ for Melbourne Wrestling Academy



3 thoughts on “PAUL MITREVSKI

  1. True inspiration Paul , Always training at full intensity , never give up attitude, and a very talented martial artist… I can confidently say your students are being trained by the best.

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