The way i see things through my eyes are in a very philosophical way and i live my life the same way,i tend to ask myself questions about the question i want to ask,i like to look into deep detail in everything to get a better understanding,i like to experience it rather than having someone just tell me about it or just read about it.

I find the majority these days take good enough as acceptable…I dont! ,i like to be precise with things,whether its training a technique, fixing something or working my day job i like to do things right the 1st time,cos i ask myself if i dont have time to do it right the 1st time how can i find time to do it right the 2nd time?.I see alot of people always trying to take an easy way out or try and take short cuts,trying to find the magic secret to get it done without hard work,Whatever it may be! I believe that you have to do things the hard way 1st to make it easy in the end,married people these days have an argument and break up or divorce,instead of sticking by your partner through thick and thin and work through it.It has become more common for partners to cheat, qualifications can be pretty much paid for now instead of earnt,work ethic is fading aswell,Peoples morals and values are low or have none,more people are becoming selfish and greedy and only think about what they can get out of the other person for free,alot of people cheating and lying to others to better themselves or their business or just thinking about there own pocket…I wonder how many people would go out of pocket for another,maybe it sounds stupid to some but not to me.I was raised on hard work ethic and to work for what i wanted,i have always been a solo person and hardly ever asked for help,the way i would think to myself was what if i didnt have a certain tool or someone to help me? how would i do it??

I am a hard driven person with a “it can be done” attitude whether you fail 100 times it can always be done one way or another.I put all my focus into whatever i am learning or doing at that moment in time.some people cry “lifes too hard” and i say ” compared to what”??,My life at the moment is focused on helping people through martial arts,i like to motivate people and make them do hard work and give them the “it can be done” attitude.I never show,make people do things that i cant do,have never done or never experienced myself.I f i can change one persons life for the better in my lifetime then i am happy but i wont stop at one.

My overall view of things through my eyes is hard work,pursue relentlessly after your dream,have a”it can be done attitude”,dont wish for an easier life, honestly earn what you have,dont cheat,be selfish or greedy,be honest with yourself,help others,do unto others as they do unto you,show me respect and i will show it back,if someone owes you money and you never see them again it was probably worth the money they owe you and dont take shit from NO ONE!!     


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