If i could go back and start training all over again i would in a blink of an eye,and i wouldn’t change a thing. I am very  grateful for what i got taught and learnt, and would gladly put myself through all the torture again,even though there were things i hated like my dad making me run with him when he got back from work…i was in primary school!!, i would hide in the cupboard to pretend i wasn’t home.

I realize now how lucky i am and what i have is unique and to pass on the knowledge that my boxing coach taught me,i miss training with him and the old gym. I realize now that people have more access to information via youtube etc… But the other thing is not many put in the hardwork to achieve it, I remember vomiting from sparring or padwork and just wiping my mouth and continuing on,running to the toilet midway through padwork cos  my bowels would feel like giving in from pushing myself so hard. The coaches taking me beyond what i thought was my extreme limit.Putting my body through extreme pressure in jiu jitsu and getting slaughtered for my gradings.How i appreciate every little bit,the commitment i put in and the dedication from my coaches to teach me.

All this which led me to opening my own gym and to give back, I find these days not many take the opportunities they are offered, i really wish i had what i offer when i trained back then,i would jump at any chance i had to train and put in 110% even if i was tired,injured or hung over! Now they offer courses for everything…what was i thinking ey?? when i didn’t have to train and could just do some modules now!! (Never in a million years) I still appreciate all the oldschool martial arts with katas etc,even though there are certain techniques that are useless i take my hat to those who commit there lives to their chosen art.

Now they give out black belts to 10 yr old kids,yes it might be a motivational thing but do you realize that if that black belt kid got bashed at school or something it would traumatize that kid for probably the rest of his life due to a false sense of security cos he is a black belt.It would affect the kids future!! I might be hard on kids when i train them but they earn what they learn and they definitely wont have a false sense of security.But i guess what i went through is something that is fading now and wish i could turn back time.   By Paul Mitrevski



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