In life we go through times of happiness,sadness,frustration,success,failure and many other types of emotions,we go through life searching for something that cleanses and nourishes our soul,whether it’s a relationship,a job, a sport etc.. Sometimes we find it earlier in life and sometimes later in life,and unfortunately sometimes people don’t at all. I do believe that … Continue reading


It’s amazing how as babies we are born with the natural gift of developing body movement,we underestimate the abilty,motor skills, and learning curve they have as babies.Babies are born with a rounded spine yet they develop strength to achieve a PERFECT posture,If you watch a baby pick something up from the ground they will never … Continue reading


I don’t see the point in doing something casually (i.e Training.) there is no point!! A good boxer doesn’t punch casually,a good wrestler doesn’t grapple casually,a body builder doesn’t lift weights casually and so on…especially when your on your own and no one is watching,no one to try and impress but yourself.If you want to … Continue reading

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