It doesn’t matter how talented a person is,it’s those who are always trying and working hard to achieve their goals,who’s mind set is focused on what they want to achieve,It is not only for training but have the mind set in every aspect of your life…If you want something bad enough you must be willing to sacrifice a shit load of things,things like losing sleep,money,relationships,not going out,working while everyone else is partying,going away etc..sometimes you have to accept a bit less then you deserve,but one thing is for sure..Is you can’t give up,you must have the will and drive to want it bad enough.
I have heard many people say they want to / or will start this and that,but have never seen it,i believe things when i see them,even better..when i do them myself! I have always tried to be a motivator in some way or at least try to inspire people that they can do anything they want as long as they put it hard work,and be consistent with “i can do”attitude. If you don’t risk anything,you don’t gain anything, Nothing worth gaining should be easy…Never!!

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