Saturday 11-12pm

Wrestling training is the best base for MMA and critical for achievement in the cage, so we continually work with our fighters to ensure Wrestling is a piece of their course of action. The advantages of Wrestling at our academy are substantial. Preparing at our Wrestling classes will enable you to enhance your agility, balance, perseverance, power, and quality. These advantages apply to fighters as well as all competitors hoping to enhance their physicality. Head mentors Bill and Ali have very extensive knowledge and experience with regards to wrestling. If you have ever envisioned about stepping in the middle of the ropes of a wrestling ring, now is your opportunity to make that fantasy a reality at our academy of martial arts! Successful wrestling training for both disciplines must build up an abnormal state of anaerobic power in both the arms and the legs and phenomenal quality perseverance. With bouts lasting up to a limit of 5 minutes (depending on the age and level), large amounts of blood lactate can aggregate in wrestlers from successive extreme blasts of action and insignificant rest periods. Strength training will clearly play a huge role in a wrestler’s general training plan.


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