Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines that emphasize weapon-based battling with sticks, knives, other bladed weapons, and different improvised weapons. It additionally incorporates hand to hand battle (Panantukan, Dumog, and so on.) and weapon disarming techniques. In spite of the fact that Filipino martial arts are practiced by individuals of all sizes. The Filipino Martial Arts are the absolute most street smart, and graceful flowing systems on the planet today. Filipino Martial Arts have been honored through hundreds of years of tribal warfare and defense from attacking forces. These expressions have kept on advancing in present day times with large numbers of experts everywhere throughout the world and are currently highlighted in the battle movement of numerous prominent activity films. Kali and Filipino Martial Arts are one of a kind in that preparation regularly start with fundamental weapon training.

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Kali is usually taught with rattan sticks and numerous sorts of blades, but also frequently incorporates soft weapons, for example, sarongs. Kali methods run from empty hand striking, to locks, stifles tosses and take-downs. Filipino boxing is in some cases called Panantukan. Since these are aggressive expressions, there are no tenets, so systems can incorporate head butts, eye gouges, and so on. Filipino Martial Arts training should always stress respect for teachers and training partners alongside safe training practices.


Filipino Martial Arts KALI/ARNIS
Filipino Martial Arts KALI/ARNIS
Filipino Martial Arts KALI/ARNIS

Eskrima otherwise called Escrima/Arnis/Kali is a Filipino martial art, which is mostly weapons based and mostly used sticks, just as various bladed weapons. The name Eskrima derives from the Spanish word for fencing and Arnis from the Spanish word armor, while Kali is a western term with various suggestions of its starting point. The stick system came about when the Spanish halted the utilization of the sword in the Philippines, despite the fact that the real battling framework was created much before this, all be it with an exceptionally indistinct history. The battling system was introduced to the non-Filipino community in the 1960s, albeit American administration men picked up some preparation amid World War 2 and likewise with numerous other hand to hand fighting, the framework has been altered for useful present day application. Just as of late as 2010 was Eskrima perceived as a National Martial Art and Sport of the Philippines. The most established association in the game of Eskrima is the WEKAF (World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation).


The cause of Arnis can be followed back to local battling systems amid clashes among the different Prehispanic Filipino clans or kingdoms, however, the present frame has Spanish impact from old fencing which began in Spain in the fifteenth century. It contains both barehand and weaponry expressions – everything that must do with battling. The barehand battle incorporates boxing, wrestling, and grappling.


At Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy, we offer quality training in Kali/Arnis with a training method that is clear and well-structured and does not require any prior athletic skills. Our Filipino martial arts program differs from others, because rather than teaching you how to just score points against an opponent in a competition, it equips people on how to defend themselves in real life situations. Kali is a weapons based art though not limited to weapons as the techniques and sparring includes empty hand, striking and close quarter with weapons also. This class is structured with a curriculum and is focused on the self defense applications rather than a sport. We can guarantee that every person can master and execute the techniques perfectly 


Mitrevski martial arts’ academy is aimed at ensuring that everyone understands the value of self defense and in the process empowering themselves to be stronger, confident, less intimidated and worthy. Joining our martial arts academy comes with an exclusive offer for all beginners, A FREE trial offer for those that register with us. Our program is structured to cover the most common attacks; this will ensure that in little time you have the idea on how to defend yourself from most of the common attacks. During the program we proceed to exposing you to the full curriculum.

Our classes are fun and conducted in a safe and engaging environment thus, enhancing faster simulations and learning. Also, classes are instructed by highly trained, experienced and qualified Instructors.


FMA is one of the world’s deadliest and most effective martial arts in the world. … Unlike most martial art systems, the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima and Arnis) teach both weaponry and empty hands together because the principles are common to both.

Arnis (also called Kali or Eskrima) is a general term for the deadly martial arts of the Philippines. It includes both bare-hand and weaponry arts.The bare-hand combat techniques include boxing, wrestling, grappling, pressure points and locks. 

Kali will enhance your co-ordination, balance, and sensitivity with the hand to hand drills and will leave you way ahead of the rest. Not only will it help you with fighting but will add to your arsenal with every other art. Kali is not only about fighting but learning the right technique to prevent injuries and also learning how to use your whole body through correct technique and movement. 



Reasons to join our kali / arnis program

Protect yourself from attacks

Protect yourself from all common attacks

.Just like other forms of martial arts, FMA training is meant to help you learn to fight opponents. At times, these skills can come in handy to defend yourself. Just imagine that you are walking alone, one night, down a dark alley when you and your friends are confronted. What do you do? Fight! FMA teaches you moves like knife defense, punches, kicks, grappling, and much more. Using these skills, you can defeat your opponents both inside and out of the ring. Although you must use common sense while putting these skills to use, they could, in some cases, save you or others.

Appreciate your body


Just like so many other sports, FMA training improve co-ordination. The techniques used in FMA teach the individual to utilize both right and left equally; co-ordination skills are utilized to help the practitioner to become ambidextrous. The co-ordination part is deemed as one of the most crucial aspects of learning and training in the art. High-speed knife drills and double stick drills like sinawali can heighten a martial artist’s awareness of motion.

Flexiblity and fitness goal

Fitness goal

What comes to the mind of most people when they hear about martial art is self defense. FMA as an art is more than defense, rather it helps in constructive fitness and enhances hand and eye co-ordination. This martial art requires your body to be doing movement that seems strange, in that process making your body flexible. While taking your lesson, you are directly or indirectly getting fit. FMA keeps your body fit.

fun, Mixed Martial Arts


As you start easing yourself into the training, the fun begins, from the process of exploring your new skill to the anticipation of learning new skills. The initial stages are usually intense and intimidating, but having a good coach, and a good team will ease things out.

Empowerment and motivation

Empowerment and motivation

You start developing the will and strength to stand up against bullies and attackers. It brings you out of the weak spot and gives you insight to learn from fellow students and masters. FMA empowers you to be stronger and confident.



Going into the martial arts' academy, you will be opportune to meet other students who are there to improve or learn. In the process of training, you develop certain bonds together, trust and confidence is established, you become friends. This same bond and relationship can even happen with others outside of training.

Our adults class at Mitrevski martial arts’ academy does not require pre-training or fitness. Our Adult classes are suitable and open to people of 13 years and older.

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