Paul is the the owner and head instructor of Mitrevski Martial Arts Acadmey. Paul began training martial arts at the age of 7 yrs old with his father who was a Zen Do Kai Black belt under Bob jones and has over 20 yrs experience.

 Throughout his years Paul began training in multiple styles at an early stage and understood that to be a complete martial artist, you needed to know different aspects of combat. Paul founded and opened up his school in 2009 being one of first few mixed martial arts schools around and actively trains and teaches all the classes the academy offers.

-Black belt under 8th degree coral belt Master Pedro sauer (October 2017)

– Trained in Zen Do Kai freestyle Karate (Bob Jones Corporation)

– Trained Boxing since year 2000 and competed under (Footscray Youth Club) Licensed Boxing coach Beau Gerring

– Trained Wrestling under Olympic, Commonwealth Games, brothers Ali Abdo and Bilal Abdo (Melbourne Wrestling Academy)

– Level 1 Filipino Martial Arts (Kali/Arnis) under the Maestro Francisco Angeles system (Estilong Paikot)

– Also trained in Muay Thai and Wing Chun

– Worked extensively in security industry

– Extensive knowledge of different styles and combining them together

– Specialty in self defense and applying techniques from different arts into self defense


Hakan has been involved in martial arts and physical training for the majority of his adult life and is the head instructor for our advanced BJJ class at Mitrevski Martial Arts Academy. He has been training BJJ for over 20 yrs starting with the Will-Machado association and a first generation Black belt in Australia. Hakan received his BJJ Black belt rank in 2009 from John will and spent a number of years training wrestling under Sam Parker at the Footscray Youth Club
“Throughout that time I’ve had the pleasure and honor of training with and meeting a lot of great people that have become life long friends.”


Brayden has been training Brazilian jiu jitsu for 12yrs and is our assistant Instructor


Phu is the head instructor for our Filipino martial arts program


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