Bullying is something that will never be stopped. The quicker people realize this, the better it can be detected.
Your thoughts and prayers do not help the victims. Taking action does.

Bullying comes in many forms and on many levels.
Cyber bullying is probably the biggest now, it also comes from adults more so. School and work bullying is also up there in the real world.

Bullying is also parents depriving kids of gaining confidence and teaching them to stand up for themselves; be it physically, mentally or emotionally.
Relying on others to treat you good will undoubtedly disappoint you and cause more effect.

Most people don’t do anything until they’ve been a victim and all too often the damage is already done and the effects can impact the rest of yours or your child’s life…though it is never too late!

Martial arts training is one of the best tools for self confidence, self esteem, mental, physical and emotional strength.
Children need guidance from a young age. The crucial ages of a child’s development is 3-7 yrs old, where they are moulded and brainwashed into a belief system from parents, teachers and peers.

It all starts with the parents at home. If the parent does not invest in the child’s early stages of development, this will impact them greatly as they grow into adulthood.
I don’t believe in treating kids any less lighter than an adult and some will consider this harsh or disagree… sometimes adults are just kids in a suit.

If they are allowed to quit, talk back, whinge or constantly give up on things as kids, this behavior will transfer into their adulthood, and this is where we see adult bullies and it becomes a vicious cycle 🔁

It will affect them with relationships, jobs, the way they treat people and the way they carry themselves.

Bullying is a serious problem, especially from a young age.
Confidence is the best deterrent to bullies.
If you’re not confident as an adult – don’t think your child will be.

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