The level of  jiu jitsu for me now is resistance. The essence of a technique to work requires either person to use-off resistance as a lever, as a wall or as a connection. I’m now constantly in tune with feeling resistance with every part of my body and to feel it at the exact time when needed to execute a move, a connection or a pressure. 

When timing is used to connect, move or execute against resistance it becomes the path of least resistance, which to me is pure jiu jitsu; it becomes a feeling, a sense.

This is what takes years and years to learn and something that needs depth of knowledge and very-very fine detail to understand. This feeling comes from inside; the way you move, the way you execute, the way you think is all internal. This is why you can tell a persons character by how they train.
This depth of feeling is what i chase in martial arts, towards mastery… though to attain this feeling it requires quite an amount of seriousness and passion by the individual in what they do. This feeling is unique to every person and not every person who trains will attain it, most definitely an average or casual person never will. 

This feeling is only reserved for the real martial artist; This is why when two totally different martial artists come across each other, there is this mutual respect, there is this mutual humbleness; they have attained this feeling, though unique to each of them, they understand it.
Every martial martial artist will have a different feeling, it is unique and somewhat mystical- no one else can feel it but you. It is a mystical and wonderful feeling knowing that you are the only person who can feel what you feel and that feeling is only for you.

That is what’s so special about martial arts, that is why it’s so magical, that is why a true martial artist is so humble and thus in turn, why we bow; when we bow in martial arts, we bow deeply to this feeling that i am forever chasing, i guess this feeling is what they call enlightenment!!

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