Today i was sitting in nandos st albans having a feed after the seminar, it’s right next to an outdoor courtyard on the corner of a main rd where junkies and alcoholics hangout. i was sitting in the back corner next to the window and i was the only one inside,there was a guy sitting outside opposite me drinking beer,doing no harm though. As i was sitting there a couple had rocked up near the window outside and had stopped to have a smoke,they approached the guy drinking beer and asked him for a lighter and they started talking,i noticed her just staring at me and i kind of freaked out cos she had scaring all over her neck and face from stitches like she had sliced with a knife,she had well over 10 slices over her face and neck, some from one side of her neck to her ear,they were pretty horrific.It was clear that they were high on drugs aswell.
She came right up to the window and starting looking at me and my bag and she went to look under the table,and i was staring straight at her thinking ‘what the fuck is this bitch doing?’. She went back to her boyfriend and said something,then he started staring,and she came up to the window again and did the same thing,went back and came a 3rd time,by now i was thinking they wanted something from me. My bag? My phone? i don’t know!
She knocked on the window and started saying something and pointing towards my bag which was by my leg on the seat and i just gestured i don’t know what your saying.
She started walking to come inside with her boyfriend, And i just started thinking ‘why me,please don’t let it be!’. I had a fork in one hand and held my plate under my other hand and had slid to the edge of the table ready for whatever was about to happen. I really didn’t want this to happen,but i was ready to unleash. They came up to me and she asked me” Do you train MMA? I seen it on your shorts” i said yes i do,she said awsome when’s your next fight? and i just said i don’t know and she walked off.
The whole time she was trying to look at my shorts from the outside cos i had my logo on there. I was still very cautious cos this shit happens to me out of no where all the time. I finished up and took the fork with me and took my pen out and held them in my palms under my sleeves,cos they had walked towards the same way i had to go and it was through a back ally and at the back of a car park.
Don’t know if i was paranoid or just being safe? I’ts a situation like this that can turn into anything and i know i would’ve came out worse cos of what i would’ve done,and i was ready to do some serious damage,not scared of them but scared of what i was prepared to do!!

It makes me wonder that i train martial arts to better myself and not to fight but when a situation like this happens i am worse off because i was defending myself. That really gets me down and a person can be wrongly accused in a situation cos they are trained.


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