The lack of commitment in today’s society is something that is becoming the norm. The amount of times i have heard people say i promise, count me in, i will do it, i swear, i’ll be in next week etc.. Being in the martial arts industry i have seen people commit only up until the time it suites them, then excuses get involved and lack of commitment begins until they fade away. Most of the time excuses are made out of pure laziness. For people who are constantly making excuses…The negative energy it takes to do so could instead be used on getting things DONE! 

I can’t relate to people who are lazy, not committed, or make excuses. I don’t understand them and i don’t want to. We all have dreams to become successful  in our chosen paths, Yet i see many people who just wish or hope they can be without putting in any effort or hardwork, alot of people complain but don’t want to do anything about it. What people need to understand is that there will be alot of disappointments, pain, setbacks, failure, defeats; But in going through this you will discover things you never knew about yourself. Things that you thought you couldn’t do, then to realize that it’s possible!

People don’t commit or work on their goals or dreams because of fear of failure or they are just comfortable the way they are. People are afraid to risk, afraid to fail, to lose out financially; They believe they can’t or don’t believe in themselves. It’s necessary that we work relentlessly on ourselves and find ways to improve, even if that means getting rid of the draining people in your life, the people who don’t want anything in life, Everybody won’t see your dreams, won’t join you or see your vision…because it was given to you and you only.Even if no one else sees it, you must see it for yourself, you need to believe in yourself, you need to be uncommon! But to be all this you need to make a commitment and stick to it, keep your word; a commitment is an agreement with yourself and no one else. People break commitments because they know they have a choice, why is it when people commit to a mobile phone contract they don’t break out of it? It’s because the fear of having to pay out the remainder of the contract. 

I see people making promises to commit to losing weight, getting fitter, start training, get that job, start that course or whatever area in life, but then fade out or completely stop, and to those people who make excuses about why they are where they are or are not, they should ask themselves some personal questions…Do i really deserve it? If so, why? What have i done for it? You’ve got to make it a personal responsibility,a personal business to yourself; a commitment to your word. If everything was easy then everyone would be successful, and just because some people are wealthy, doesn’t mean they are successful. people look at money as a means of success but to me i would rather be rich at heart than rich in the pocket. I have made a life commitment to the martial arts, it is an agreement i have with myself that i will never break, and through all this my life has become more fulfilled,richer at heart and a better person because i can commit.



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