Too many people rely on others for results.People expect a coach,instructor or personal trainer to automatically give them results.YES,They have the tools to show you and guide you the way,but in the end it’s up to the individual to put in the work. I have had people ask me “I need to lose weight,what’s the best way to lose weight?”, I say there is no best way but it’s how much you put in,I specifically like the skipping rope.

Now any person can grab a skipping rope,but it doesn’t mean that you will automatically lose weight just because you jump rope. You must first learn how to use the rope and be sufficient enough to start progress. You can jump rope at whatever intensity you like,but if you think that by jumping rope at a slow pace and no effort given that you will get results..YOU ARE WRONG! You can skip for 30 mins straight without even getting tired OR you can can push yourself at a crazy intensity for 3 mins and completely gas yourself out,dripping sweat! You must push YOURSELF and not rely on another person for your effort.

When i’m coaching boxing,I can continuously tell a person to keep their hands up,and when i don’t say anything they will drop them again,Therefore unless i tell them they will always drop their hands. As an individual you must rely on yourself and focus on what you are trying to achieve and put in the effort yourself to keep those hands up. A coach,instructor or personal trainer cannot make anyone do anything unless YOU are willing to put in the work and effort. To me personally if you have to be repeatedly told the same thing over and over again it tells me you are not trying for yourself but relying on a person to continuously tell you,which in the end you will never achieve your result.

Many people go the gym and say they trained for 2 hrs or for however long,but how much effort and work did you (as an individual) put in while you were there?? And doesn’t mean that you gained anything either! You can train for 2hrs without breaking a sweat or you can train for 20 mins and completely exhaust yourself. Don’t rely on your coaches or anyone as a matter of fact to have a magic wand and say abracadabra you can now punch,or lose weight or learn to fight. Rely on yourself,motivate yourself,discipline yourself before anyone else can.


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