Effort is a word that gets thrown around alot,but i don’t see it getting used much. To me effort means challenging your effort over and over,pushing yourself more then the last time.Effort requires hard work and lots of it, Effort is the time when you say to yourself i’m done but you make yourself push that extra bit,doing that extra rep,throwing that last punch when you don’t have to. Effort is between you and itself,no one else can make you do something unless you make yourself do it. I watch people when they train at my gym and see what they do when i’ts a break,i see whether they take their time getting a drink or whether they quickly have a sip and get ready for the next round before the timer rings. I see if they have done their repetitions and if they finish before the time,whether they just stop and rest or put it the extra work and do the extra reps until time. Effort is doing the extra work when you haven’t been told to do it,effort is instead of saying how many more,saying i want to do another one, effort is getting of the couch and going to the gym.

Effort is not required to sit on the couch,that is easy,effort is going through the frustration of mastering a technique day in and day out. Effort is not a one off thing, effort is taken into our daily lives and not just in training. Effort is not saying ‘ I can’t’ but saying i’ll keep going! Not saying ‘it hurts’ but saying i want more. It’s easy to say, ‘I can’t ‘,’ It hurts’, ‘It’s hard ‘, ‘ I’m tired ‘,no effort is required there either. Effort is required mentally and physically. Instead of making excuses replace it with effort. Effort is just doing it,Effort is doing something without someone telling you to do it,effort is doing it when when no one is watching,when you’re on your own. Try putting a positive spin on yourself and put some effort in and see the difference, success requires effort and to me every result comes from your effort,Everything starts with effort and everything finishes with effort. EFFORT, TRY IT!



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