What do you consider being successful?

Most people look at being rich as success and that is not the case.

The cemetery is one of the richest places on earth. It is where everyones dreams, ideas and happiness lie without ever having come to existence 😢

People are too afraid to follow their dreams because of fear of failure.

Most people fear failure and rejection and it is why that dream or idea is never started.
Starting is probably the hardest initial step to take, because the outcome is unknown and the individual knows that commitment is required;
Risk of failure is very high,
Though what people misconceive is that failure and success are seperate. Failure is Success.

I know this very well through my own experience, having spent decades of trying to be perfect and not making mistakes.

What I didn’t realize is that I was so focused on trying to be perfect that I was making thousands of mistakes and was so hard on myself about it.

Then it clicked one day after many, many years and totally flipped my mindset.
I realized that the more I failed and made these mistakes, the more I was being successful.

So then I took a different approach and started focusing on my mistakes and tried to make as many mistakes as possible as quickly as possible.

My ability to learn skyrocketed, my knowledge broadened dramatically and my depth of understanding got deeper.
This spread into many other areas of my life and I was being successful.

But…don’t make the mistake of believing that it’s just the failures alone that work. It is like an onion and the layers must be peeled back.
You must be aware to learn from the failures and not just keep making the same mistake over and over.

Every layer must be thrown away but learned from.

Failure equals success, but to fail – you must START!

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