I got asked a little while ago “why i train martial arts so much?” and it was one of the hardest questions i have had to answer,in fact i couldn’t answer it. I know why i first started training martial arts and it was to learn how to defend myself and also the main reason was because i was born and raised around it from my father. But now i cannot answer it because i have such a love and passion for it that i don’t know anymore,it is something that i can’t explain,i only feel it,and some will not understand it either. I also don’t know if i should have an answer,though i love training,giving back and teaching what i have spent most of my life doing and hopefully have people who can continue the love and passion i have, in their own way.It is not only physical,but mental and spiritual, the martial arts is like a god to me with no religion,am i obsessed with it?,i would say yes.

I love what i have learnt through martial arts,not only knowing how to take care of myself but giving me the ability of self knowledge,being a better person,also helping me with all areas of my life outside of martial arts but at the same time everything to do with martial arts,my way of thinking,philosophy,creativity,ability to overcome obstacles that most would quit on,discipline,also to always be a white belt and be open to learning constantly,from anything,everything and anyone. This is what i also try and teach to people,to try and think for themselves and help themselves instead on relying constantly on someone trying to teach them. This is also why i respect other martial artists/passionate people who have more to give than just fighting skills,give more than just an offer, a timetable,or a quick scheme program. I love reading other passionate artists and/or peoples blogs for example, people who offer their unlimited passion to help others, something that can really make a difference to someone,i can tell by what these people put out on facebook,websites or blogs and then there are the others. A bit off the track now as i can just keep on writing about it and i probably still can’t answer why i train martial arts, i just love it,it’s who i am,something i will do until i die,i never see myself stopping it.. i just am martial arts and hope i can spread the love.



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