This is an interesting short doco about the history of martial arts,and especially about jiu jitsu and judo,how and why it was developed. As clearly stated martial arts was eventually trained and taught to make better people added to the self defence aspect. You can see how much it has evolved in the present time compared to then,as most of the styles names ended with the “ART”. I think these days the word art is losing its value in “martial art” it has become more sport orientated and attracting aggresive, egotistics punks that don’t see any of it as an art,only about fighting, A sport,a hobby etc…and not a “way of life” or to better yourself and help others.
I see more to boxing then knowing how to fight,to me it is an art form…how to move the body,developing power,speed,body mechanics,timing,gracefulness,balance,weight transfer,reaction,reflex,defending,discipline mentally and physically. It’s more than just punching,same goes with any other styles. People are quick to jump in and say “I wanna fight” but don’t want to learn the “ART”. That is why i respect all the ancient masters who developed the martial arts,regardless of their style being effective or ineffective,that is a personal preference,but one thing we must remember is they commited their lives to their art to better us as human beings and help others by giving back…That is why we still have martial arts today.

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