I believe a trainer/instructor is only a guide to students, people who go to trainers or PT’s and say “i want a body like that” pointing to a picture, or make me into a fighting machine need to realize that it’s not the trainer who will make you anything ,but it is yourself who needs to put in the work, the trainer has the tools to get you there and lead you there,but you (the individual) must be willing to put in the hard yards and want it so bad that results are inevitable,and eventually experiencing for yourself. 
You must not always rely on a trainer or instructor and always be told what to do. Nor should a trainer take any credit for a persons effort or success, yes a trainer will push you to help you through, and point out flaws,but should never take credit because if you take the credit for the success’s, do you also take credit for the failures? To many people have this image of always having a trainer to nurse them… Try doing what they have told on your own so you can figure it out,and have an understanding for yourself, there is no better way than to understand it through your own efforts,through your own experiments and experiences,through your own failures.

I’m not saying that a trainer is not necessary,of course they are,i couldn’t get to where i am without one, but i also learnt to teach myself aswell because you might get to a point where you may get beyond what you are being taught and find your own way, which to me is the ultimate thing. I would only wish to have a student go on further than myself and become better, then, i know i have done my deed. So my little advice is try things on your own, try push yourself without someone else having to push you always, it will make a big difference and training will take you to the next level. Just remember that a good trainer is open to learning themselves aswell, will always put on a beginners cap to better students and themselves.



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