Through the years of training we go through many different stages, good stages, bad stages, ups and downs, big learning curves, stages of plateau, and sometimes we go through a stage where you are not understood. Different people have different ways of learning and understanding things. For me i find the best way for me to learn is by relating it to my everyday day life and behavior, things that i can transition to in training as if there is no difference between everyday movement and body movement in training. I also think that constant drilling of a technique is most important…not once or twice but a whole class worth and the specific technique or concept to be continuously repeated in every class for at least a month minimum, until it becomes natural enough that we instinctively do it from feel and not from thinking, and also to add, starting in that specific position and wrestling from there, one will be attacking for the specific technique and the other will be defending,, when either of them have achieved the result it starts over again.

We cannot always rely on others to teach us what we need or want to learn therefore we must do our own research and solve our own problems by putting ourselves in the shit. I believe every individual will be going through different stages and wanting to learn different things. A good teacher will address these problems and work with the students problem and from there it can be linked to other moves,defense or techniques related to it which everyone will learn something from instead of jumping from one technique to a total opposite,which i believe is the wrong way to do as people will not learn that way as they have to remember total opposite techniques.

I have come to a stage where i mostly  teach myself and have been doing so for a while or in need of advanced personal development, as i feel i am very open minded and clear on details where i need to get as much detail and information as i can to get to the next level. I feel my learning curve has sky rocketed at this point in my life, But at the same time being stuck and not knowing how to go about it or not getting the right information, not being taught!! It is difficult to be the highest ranked student and not have anyone to chase or anyone to compare your level of skill to and having everyone lower ranked than you chasing you constantly and having themselves  to compare their level of skill with me. The higher the rank the harder it gets.  


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