One of the biggest overall lessons I’ve learned in Martial arts is the answers lie within YOU.
Martial arts training helps develop more discipline, more resilience, more focus and attention to detail, more responsibility, and more accountability.

Though at the same time, it requires these same traits to develop each one of them i.e. It requires some discipline to develop more discipline, it requires failure and struggle to develop resilience, with resilience we can develop focus and attention to detail, which in turn develops responsibility and accountability.

Once you understand these traits all go hand in hand and hold yourself accountable, it is where you really reap the mental benefits of martial arts training.

The earlier and quicker you understand this, the more you will start to self educate.
Everybody learns differently, some might have learning difficulties and some might learn very quickly.

This is where a coach or teacher can help guide you, take note of the word ‘GUIDE’. To HELP you find yourself and how you learn.

You should seek guidance, but should not be reliant on others for all the answers. Some might need more guidance than others.
Being reliant on others, doesn’t teach you responsibility and accountability, which in turn can affect everything around you.

Most people start martial arts looking for external results, though everything is within you.
When you start internally, it naturally manifests externally.
The biggest competition is inside and it’s the last place people look.

Start with yourself and be honest with yourself.
Don’t blame
Don’t make excuses
Don’t always rely on others.

I truly believe that everyone has a great power within themselves…when YOU take responsibility of YOU!

When you take responsibility and hold yourself accountable first, you will develop all these traits which in turn spreads into all areas of your life.

Look within for the answers and you will be suprised at how much power you hold.

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