My mind set in training is there is never an ending and will never be, I think people look for an ending rather then an ongoing commitment. Yes we get results,achievements and complete goals but it doesn’t end there. It’s like a boxer and a jab, the boxer will never stop using his jab,regardless of how many years trained or how many times it is used,a boxer keeps using it.

We become better the more we do things,we don’t stop once we learn a move or technique,we must be persistent and keep training it to a point where it becomes a part of you,and even then we don’t stop doing it. You learn how to make things efficient ,and simpler,but not easier….If it becomes easy then you are not gaining anything,or you are not challenging/pushing yourself, It is a continuous cycle, It is like a toilet cistern, once you flush it keeps refilling itself with water,and the only way to stop it is to turn the main water tap off, you being the tap,the float your body and the water your training. When i hear people say they are on diet for a period of time, I say what happens after the period is over?? do you just go back to your unhealthy ways? why not just make it a ongoing commitment,a lifestyle of clean eating instead of dieting. Unless you’re cutting weight for a comp or something then that’s different. Make it a lifestyle instead of a periodic thing.

I accepted that there is no ending to my training and it is hard work,and i will only stop when i cannot physically move or i’m dead, the older i get the harder it gets, and i must challenge myself regularly and push to better myself and also to better others at the same time. I train in all my classes with everyone else and coach at the same time,I’m there putting in work,if not more then the rest. I want people to beat me, I want people to be better then me,That is my goal ;so they improve and at the same time i improve. I love what i do and love teaching people and love training with a passion, It gets tiring but i’m relentless and it is a part of my life and who i am,and hope that at least one person will continue my passion with me.

I even get to a point where i want them to hate me from pushing them (might sound stupid to some),and they not realizing that i only do it because i want them to become better and excel more then they ever thought they could,and get them doing things that they said they couldn’t do! I think if people accepted that their training will never end, their training will improve and they will always challenge themselves, have stronger discipline and a better mind set altogether.


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