We’ve all heard the phrases or at least said it to ourselves one time –
I need to get fit before I start,
Once I save some money, I’ll join,
I’m not ready yet…
The truth is it will never be a perfect time for any of those.

You need to initiate and take action and volunteer your time into something towards gaining a life skill.

If you don’t make time for your health, your health will eventually choose a time for you instead, whether you’re ready or not.
If you don’t choose a day to rest, your body will choose it for you – these are circumstances you do not want and I see this all too often which causes a negative spiral effect.

We do not volunteer to go to work, rather we are forced to go to work everyday because it’s how we acquire money to live.
You can implement the same thought pattern into your mind with martial arts training.

Though most people use an excuse because they know they have a choice on whether to try a class, join a school or miss out on training because you’re not up for it that day.
You need to be willing to sacrifice your time.
The biggest excuse that is constantly used is “I have no time”
We all have the same time in a day, each and every one of us.
At times it can get difficult and you need to juggle things around, especially with family and children, though instead of excuses – embrace the challenge and ask yourself “how CAN you make time?”

I hear so often parents say “I would do anything for my kids/or family, yet spend more time at work, have unhealthy habbits, too tired for activities and not investing in their childrens future. If your family is your priority, then it is difficult to believe you have no time to invest in yourself, your children or your family.

Your outcome and circumstance is a direct result of what you’re willing to give to it.
Ready or not.

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