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The saying “if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life” gets thrown around a lot. The internet, radio, and TV are full of advertisements and promotions regarding pursuing your passion. In my eyes, i don’t see any passion in this; only a marketing strategy to make money and make society believe this.
Since when do we need a course about ‘how to be passionate in what you do?’
I am surrounded daily by people who constantly talk about money and the selfish greed that comes with it and it drives me nuts!!

We all need money to get through..Yes, i know this. We need to pay bills,loans, food, petrol etc..
But what i see is a lack people who are genuine in what they do in their work. We all need to work to make money and make ends meet, i understand this.
What i don’t see is people who actually really love what they do….before the paycheque!
My whole life, i have taken my jobs serious, even to a point where i was frown upon and ended up losing my job…i have a genuine care and a ‘PASSION’ for what i do.
I have always worked this way and even in my training; i was always serious in my training.
I never get along with ‘Money people’ ( people that have money as a priority in life) as i always sense an ungenuine character and a falseness about them.

When i’m at my school training and teaching, i have a genuine passion that fuels my energy. People also say ” man, how many classes to you do”. My body is exhausted, yes!; i’m tired, yes!, but my passion is what gives me the energy to do everything…I LOVE WHAT I DO (first and foremost)
I can easily not have a care in teaching, or even training with everybody else..why should i?? i don’t have to be there, i can hire someone to teach who just wants to get paid; who doesn’t have the drive and passion i do. I can just make them hold pads with each other and hit the bags without genuine instruction; just to through the class.
There are many rip offs today, and i see a lot of it in gyms today..there are so many around because the MMA industry has boomed. When i say rip offs, i don’t mean financially..i mean people who don’t have a genuine passion for what they do..they just promote it and speak it and count $$$. I can tell a passionate person when i see one…i can also tell one when they’re not!
Those who have never come across a genuine passionate person will never know the difference…until they come across one.There are people who do it just for the love of it first!

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