In life we go through times of happiness,sadness,frustration,success,failure and many other types of emotions,we go through life searching for something that cleanses and nourishes our soul,whether it’s a relationship,a job, a sport etc..

Sometimes we find it earlier in life and sometimes later in life,and unfortunately sometimes people don’t at all. I do believe that some are destined for a purpose in life even though everyone is here for a reason but some for more of a specific reason, I also do believe that you must pursue that search once found,and your heart will lead you there and it will come natural. Many people go through life setting their priorities to stupid things like partying every weekend, working a job they hate,living a life just to get married out of insecurity…I to went through phases like these, i used to get in alot of trouble in my youth,from crime,fights and other stupid things not worth mentioning. But eventually i pulled away from all this and i did learn from all my mistakes and found what i loved doing and that was training in martial arts,even though i had always trained as a little kid.

As years went by i fell more deeper and deeper in the martial arts even more so now that it has become an obsession(but a good obsession) my priorities are now in training in the martial arts and as many martial arts i feel accustomed to my needs,for self development and to nourish and fulfill my search in life. I am now more into travelling around the world to meet and train with different martial artist,and venture into the unknown and meet some of my childhood idols which i have had the chance to do with some.Martial arts has made such an impact in my life that it’s undescribable and hard to explain,It has made me more of an honest,loyal and trustworthy person(even though i have always been that person and done what i have done in my youth) I accept my karma!

And while i am living my search in life i still find the time to work on other things aswell,i don’t leave any spare time for myself,and i dislike when complain they have no time to do what they want to do..especially training. While people complain about not finding time to train i find it hard to find time not to train,when i go on on trips i do not sit and lay around,i adventure into the country and train everyday,to me that is how i relax,i enjoy the small things in life that people take for granted. I love talking to a local and they tell me a story about their life,i can sit there for hours,i love seeing the culture of the country and trying their foods.

I believe people make their own choices and blame others for their unhappiness and their priorities, i choose to fulfill my soul and hopefully leave something behind that can be remembered and honored even if i am forgotten.


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