Throughout my years of training i have come across many many different types of people, people who have come and gone,people who have remained in my life and people who have made an impact and a big part of my life and training in martial arts. Those people who have impacted my life in martial arts are probably unknown to many in the fight world, though to me i am grateful that i have found the right people to train with and be taught by,as i have loyal relationships and friendships to go along with it.

These days many people look at popular gyms to train at,places where they are jam packed or a place where there is some popular names… I always looked for people that could communicate and had a real passion for what they were doing. I trained with many people who were not into competitions and never competed though there were those i trained with who were highly competitive aswell.Though these people trained like animals and like fighters and could stand toe to toe with any competitor, that’s for sure but competition just didn’t interest them.Those people who never competed but were highly passionate about what they training and what they were teaching are the ones i learned from the most,I think its in the individual to find someone who can explain and teach you so you can have an understanding of the art. There are many great fighters and gyms out there,though does not mean they can teach you in a way you can understand.eg Cus d’amato who was a legendary trainer,reportedly only had one amateur fight which he lost ,yet had such a passion for boxing he knew every little detail and strategy about the art and taught world champions.

By saying this people need to look for a place where they can have a place of understanding and get the right communication by someone who is truly passionate about teaching people for the better and honestly want them to achieve! Not every fighter can teach and not every teacher can fight..but if you can find both then you have struck gold,stick to it. There are gyms and coaches nearly on every corner now but you will know which one is the right one for you,your character  and personality plays a big part in what kind of gym attracts you…Choose wisely and be loyal.



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