After 13 years of boxing it still amazes me how the body works and can transfer so much power with minimal motion to such a small part of the body..the fist! I have never been tired of,sick of or bored from martial arts. To me martial arts is about body flow,turning the body into an expression,the art of body movement,being able to direct power,strength,explosiveness and pressure to a focused point of the body.

This cannot be taught,only described and most of all by feeling it by the individual,it takes years and years,even a lifetime to develop this feeling. Only those who feel this can understand what i’m saying. I still strive on a daily basis to discover more of body movement regardless of the arts i train, There is one technique that ‘ALL’ martial arts requires,and that’s understanding the mechanics and flow of body movement,using minimal motion and energy to apply. Bruce lee summed up this feeling to a T with his famous quote “Be water my friend”.

I think most people these days do not see this or even want to learn this feeling in martial arts. Rickson gracie also describes this as his famous ‘Invisible jiu jitsu’,where once again it’s something that cannot be taught,cannot be seen but only felt with the body,it’s not forced,it’s not strength, you can call it the  ‘IT’. IT just happens through body movement,and through years and dedication to training in martial arts. I have learnt to adapt this to all my arts i train and also to my everyday living,working,walking,playing sport,just living..The body is an amazing thing once you discover the ‘IT’ you are connected to your body,mind andsoul as one but at the same time seperate.


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