It is easy to throw a punch,anyone in the world can throw a punch, we are all born naturally to throw punches in defense,anger, or fear,it is a natural instinct…..but to throw a punch with proper technique,now that is a different story. To be able to throw a punch without telegraphing,with precision,with minimal motion and efficiency,and maximum power without having to use all of your strength. To be able to move your body in the right positions,rotation,twisting,to look at where you are punching while executing the punch and using the body mechanics to deliver just once punch, it takes more than just throwing it.

This is what makes the difference between a normal punch and a proper punch,and it make a hell of a big deal to me,especially in a reality fight,where in a street fight punches are thrown wildly without looking and hoping for the best. Precision and technique counts in a situation like this where you can read the body and deliver punches on target and straight against someone swinging wild haymakers at you.

Too often in gyms i see people throwing punches without focusing on their technique,i see novices holding pads for other novices with awful form and technique,i have even seen people who have trained for years with bad form because of this. I see people punching bags with no focus on anything apart from just hitting the bag. It actually upsets me when i see this,cos they aren’t getting the proper training for what they pay for. Why would you pay a gym for a beginner who has no technique to hold pads for you,i mean you can do that at home with your mates. You would expect to be coached by a trainer who can teach you proper technique and is anal about it,to me that makes a difference. When i first started holding pads it was around 6 years after i had started training,and had enough experience and and understanding to be able to train people. In my old gym you had to work hard and earn your padwork…it was privelege! I also find it frustrating to see people who don’t get taught properly. I am the only one in my gym who holds pads, i train and do the techniques with everyone else,i must be an example and lead in front,i break everything down and i am a true believer of this way. It’s not just about punching but the art of punching,the art of combat,the art of war.


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