These people are the type who use autumn as a wind down after their hard sessions through summer, they start to lose motivation as the festival season ends. They are only motivated by crowds and parties through the summer and don’t train until the next year.

These people fall into a few sub categories, The ‘majority’ of these people are committed to their training,as a lot of people die out completely through this season. You will not find the summer athletes during this time, they will use winter as an excuse for ‘Recovery’ or ‘Bulking season’ and have no self motivation. Other’s are usually single people who get bored and need something to do. I find mostly, people who still train in winter are highly motivated and usually self motivated. The committed will also use winter as a time to train even harder due to the colder weather,and some will use this time to work on new things,techniques etc..

These people get motivated at the sign of a little sunshine, the weather starts to become warmer, more people are out and about, so the crowds start to flock in the the gyms and outdoors. These people use spring as a preparation for summer, they will start to look at dieting and getting into shape for summer, these people i find do not train for themselves but for other’s to image. Usually they will train in partners or groups to pump each other up and some/singles will train on their own to get ready for summer. I find these people a little fake at times and not committed.

These are my favourite people lol. They will suddenly have the urge to train hard, These people will only train in summer,are only motivated by crowds, parties and image and just to be seen. They are not committed or have ‘any’ self motivation. They will only train with partners or groups , they thrive on comments about how they look and have an ‘ego’ or are ‘stuck up’. They probably spend more time at the beach when not training.Some pretend to train hard and some actually do train hard…but only for summer! I find these people the most least committed out of all.

These people are the most committed and train for themselves, they don’t care about the weather, the weather doesn’t exist. They train throughout the whole year. They are very self motivated and will train on their own, and train hard. The winter athlete are usually an all season athlete aswell. Some will have a break at the end of the year for a week or two to rejuvenate and rest and that’s fine,they deserve it. some people even use the hot weather to challenge and push themselves through the heat like a torture. They are sometimes extreme in their training and will not stop. Some will diet through the summer to lean up more and to some it’s just a lifestyle. I will say that the most extreme do not party much or go out, and are probably single but not all. 



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