Tonight i gave a little talk in jiu jitsu class about training at other clubs and how i highly recommend it and that they should do it. In my earlier years i thought differently and i never thought that i needed to. You will hear people say that it’s disloyal to do so or be called ‘creonte’. You cannot stop anybody from training anywhere!
The only part i would call it disloyal is if it was done behind the instructors back or if they didn’t bring it back to the class and share it. If you are told that you cannot train at other clubs i believe that to be an insecurity on the instructors behalf.
To me loyalty goes both ways; I told them that you need to have a home, and it’s good to visit the neighbours but just remember where your home is. Loyalty should come from the instructor and the student alike. I would not expect someone to be loyal to me if i only just take, take, take and not give.
An instructor also has the responsibility of being loyal in sharing just as much as a student has in bringing back and sharing. Just the same as myself, i would not be loyal to anyone if they didn’t give back to me and i always gave to them- i don’t care who you are!

Training at other clubs gives you the ability to feel different bodies and learn new techniques to be able to bring back, share and help themselves grow and the others grow- that’s what a team does, a team is meant to give stepping stones to each and not anchors!
Loyalty is giving the freedom and trust to your students to explore for themselves and find different answers for themselves to be able to excel above an instructor- that’s an instructors goal i believe.
Trying to stop someone learning, excelling or finding answers is an insecure and jealous mindset.
In my school i will never stop anyone training at other schools and i always recommend it because that’s how i also grow as an instructor, as a martial artist and more a person!DSC03413.JPG

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